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“To anyone consumed by debt, pick up the phone and get started on the route of a trust deed.There is always a way out of the mess we all found ourselves in. Make that call It will be the best thing you can do." Lianne Leishman

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Who is Sheriff Advice?

We are a Debt Advice company whose mission is to stop sheriff officers in their tracks and help Scottish residents out of debt with sheriff officers and their local councils.

In Debt with your local Council?

If you are debt with your council due to missed council tax payments - you are not alone.

Many Scottish residents every year fall behind on their payments but manage to get out of debt using affordable payment plans. Some of the debt solutions available can even lift the terms of a summary warrant and stop your wages from being arrested.

Getting out of debt with your council can be done, and we are here to help.

Request a callback below and our sympathetic team of debt advisors will get in touch and attempt to provide you with the best debt solution for your current situation - free of charge.

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What to do if Sheriff Officers come knocking due to Council Tax arrears

A Sheriff Officer turning up at your door can be a frightening ordeal - but don’t worry! We are here to help.

    Sheriff Officers have no right to enter your home unless they have a court order giving them express permission.


    Sheriff Officers are known for using intimidation tactics. If you stay calm, stand your ground and donʼt give them any information, thereʼs not a lot they can do


    Sheriff officers will use any and all information you give against you. Make sure you call us so we can advise you on how to proceed.

What happens when you are in debt with your local council:

There are many reasons you might end up in debt with your local council due to council tax. Maybe your financial situation has dramatically changed, you have fallen under hard times or you have simply forgotten to pay.

When this happens, you will be sent letters from your local council asking you to pay your debt. Eventually, they will threaten to use a sheriff officer to recover what you owe. It is advised that you try to settle your debts before this stage, but if for any reason you cannot pay, the council will pass on your debts to a sheriff officer for recovery. Once this has happened, you will be dealing directly with the sheriff's office, not your local council.


What is a
Summary Warrant?

Sheriff Officers have the power to enforce court orders. The most common court order is called a Summary Warrant. If you a receive a Summary Warrant it will tell you the amount of money you owe and when the payments are due. On top of your original debt, you will be charged a 10% penalty charge to cover the Sheriffʼs fees.

If you are in employment, the summary warrant allows the sheriff officers to arrest some of what you owe out of your wages. The amount taken depends on how much money you earn, including commission, bonuses and sick pay, and doesnʼt take any other debts or outgoing payments into account. This money can be taken directly from your bank account. You should always be left with at least 60% of your overall income.

If you are on benefits or a form of income support, such as jobseekerʼs allowance, Sheriff Officers can attempt to take money directly from these payments.

What do I do if I get
a Summary Warrant?

Summary Warrants are a way of ensuring your debts are paid, so if you act fast and seek expert help in order to set up an affordable payment plan, you may be able to prevent your wages from being arrested.

There are several formal debt solutions available to Scottish residents that will revoke your creditorʼs right to arrest your wages, such as Trust Deeds and Debt Arrangement Schemes (DAS). Talk to a debt advice service, such as [FINAL NAME], to find out which debt solution is most suited to your current situation.

If you still cannot pay your debts, there is a chance that Sheriff Officers will obtain a court order to repossess your possessions. Sheriffs are limited in what they can take, but if they have a court order there is nothing you can do to prevent the seizure of your possessions without paying your debts. It is always best to try and find the right debt solution for you before allowing the situation to escalate to this stage.

  • James Macdonald
    Since setting up our Trust Deed, our financial situation has improved. From the first day of the advisor coming out to meet us and discuss our options, I knew this was the right choice for my wife and I to make.
  • Sharon Fleming
    I would defo recommended this company if you are thinking of a trust deed, very good firm and helpful.

Testimonials from our preferred insolvency practicioner partner